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Technology can not only open new doors with customers but also connect with the second half of the equation: human employees. PwC focuses on mentoring associates to give them the individual tools they need to succeed. Transformational companies move easily between industries, and a lot of that comes from moving employees between disciplines. PwC focuses on building the right team for each project, which often involves bringing together employees from different departments. The goal is to find the right people to work together to extract the best from each person. Technology can help, but the work of a cohesive and diverse team of humans can’t be replaced.

For years, many marketers have focused on adding new customers with methods like social media, content and outbound interruption. Interestingly, the cyclical marketing winds of change are bringing a revitalized focus on existing customers. At HGS ― a business process management leader in optimizing customer experiences (CX) and increasing client competitiveness ― we are predicting tighter marketing and customer service alignment in 2018.


“As a tech startup, we initially managed all of our office IT in-house. As we grew, we wanted to spend more and more of our time on our technology and product and Technology Pointe has allowed us to do that. They've scaled with us and successfully managed the technical portion of our move to a new office. They're always prompt and willing to go the extra mile and we're looking forward to continued growth with Technology Pointe in the future!... ”

Meetesh Karia

“Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.... ”

Vineet Mehra

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Our goal of providing technical and operational excellence generates solutions that are innovative, reliable and secure as we keep pace with the university’s need for advancing technology.

The responsibility of enterprise-wide, flexible and adaptive information technology services and support is met with a commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement.

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